December marked our first full year in the "dog biscuit" business" “Hurry, It’s Drooling”, the title of this blog entry, symbolizes how our first year unfolded. Let me explain. The week before this past Christmas we were making dough. Evan always cracks the eggs and then puts the cracked egg shells in a bowl. He calls it his trash bowl. Well he cracked the first egg and realized he did not have the trash bowl in place. He tells me it is not there and I said I would get it. As I  walked toward the bakers rack he says, “Hurry, it’s drooling”! After a good chuckle, I retrieved the bowl and placed it beside him on the counter so he could drop the egg shell in to it. His remark is what I call an “Evanism”. His way of getting the point across in his own descriptive words. An “Evanism” is always very funny and or a very heartwarming phrase. “Hurry, it’s drooling” was not only a classic ”Evanism” but it also described how our first year unfolded. Evan could of just let the egg shell drool onto the counter or he could of thought it through, not panic and wait for the bowl to be placed on the counter. Which is what he did. This past year has of course been a learning experience on how to run a business. We are continually working toward establishing a more efficient and simpler way to make the business run smoother. Why makes things complicated when you do not have to! We continue to work on better ways to prep the ingredients, cut out the biscuits (especially the new mini’s) and we are continually talking about how to interact with our clients/support network. This last area has been neat to watch. I have seen Evan grow in his relationships with his clients/support network and have watched our clients/support network grow in their interactions with him. Kind of like the egg shell drooling. Either you can watch it drool on the counter and make a mess or you can not panic and get it under control. You can either reach out to strengthen a relationship or you can let it falter. In every case with our clients/support network they are reaching out to make their relationship stronger with Evan. It’s a “drooling” thing to see! After all, the remains of the egg white has a pretty strong consistency and when heated will solidify! It’s pretty remarkable! Just like Evan’s relationships with his clients/support network! They will solidify too! 

And not only that but we know our consumers are drooling too -just waiting for their next nickyBONES!


Just ask Katie with Jack, Minnie and Denis!