nickyBONES Dog Biscuit Company got its name from our yellow lab Nick whose nickname was Nicky Bones. We found an ad in the local newspaper when we lived on Fort Huachuca, Arizona, announcing labrador retrievers for sale. We answered the ad and found ourselves on Lower Stump Canyon Road in the Huachuca Mountains of Sierra Vista, Arizona. Beautiful country! Nick was just about 4 weeks old when we first met him and his ten litter mates. They were all so adorable! We picked out Nick and told him we would be back for him. All the pups went back into their crate and we left the porch where they were with their mom. Then I realized I left my purse on the porch and had to reopen the slider and step back out onto the porch with them. Funny thing happened. Nick was the only one who came back out of the crate to greet me. We knew then that Nick was the one! Or maybe he knew we were the ones. But I know we were the lucky ones. Nick was truly a special dog. Nicks tail was always in constant motion. He loved life! The tennis ball was his favorite toy and the ocean was his favorite swimming hole. Put the two together and he was in heaven. He would swim after that tennis ball all day if you had the endurance to stay in the game with him. Evan would paddle beside him on his boogie board and grab onto the base of his tail as Nick would swim by him with the ball in his mouth. Evan would hold on tight and get a free ride into shore! It was quite a sight. Over and over they would play this game to their delight! Nick also loved hanging out in the yard and also loved tuna fish. I still to this day do not know how he knew, but he did. It was winter time, so all windows were down and doors closed. Somehow he knew I had just opened a can of tuna because within seconds of opening that can of tuna, he was at the side door wanting to get in and lick the tuna can clean! Of-course Nick loved going for walks too! Down the street or along the Pilgrim Trail near our home or up to Hingham to Stodder’s Neck. It did not matter, as long as he was with “his” family, he was happy. He loved going to visit his Nana and when he was with her he would be her loyal companion. He was her favorite grand dog! He was one lucky dog. But we know we were the lucky ones to have lived part of our life with our yellow lab Nicky Bones! Thanks Nick! We miss you! Here’s a nickyBONES to you!