So when we started thinking of writing a blog for nickyBONES it just came to me as we were cutting out biscuits that the blog should be called dustingFLOUR A Blog About Rolling Dough and Life!  You see not only are we making great dog biscuits; but also we’re working on life skills in this new business venture of Evan’s.  Endless possibilities to work on!  For example, when Evan puts on and takes off his Baker’s Coat we are working on buttoning skills.  Not an easy task for Evan to accomplish and a challenge for me too.  See I have the challenge of breaking down the steps to help Evan accomplish this goal.  This involves a lot of processing and patience from both of us!  The challenge for me is to explain it in a way so he understands the instructions and does not get “stuck” “so to speak”.  Using the new can opener that removes the lid from the side of the can was another task Evan had to learn.  It involves more than we think it does.  In fact, to begin with, a lot of fine motor skills!  We tackled that and I can now say that Evan pretty much has that mastered.  So you say again why did you pick “dustingFLOUR” as your title to your blog?  Well, I see a connection with the dusting flour we sprinkle on the pastry mat to keep the dough from sticking to tackling everyday life challenges.  If enough dusting flour is sprinkled on the challenge at hand then the challenge is easier to handle and master.  Every task is a process and with Evan he has made me appreciate all the steps involved in mastering the task at hand.  A little bit of life’s “dusting flour” just makes it easier so as not to get stuck along the way!