Evan and I have been talking a-lot about teamwork lately.  But not only he and I working as a team for nickyBONES, but getting your own body to work as a team too. You’re probably wondering what I am talking about. When we started nickyBONES and established a routine of prepping, mixing, cutting out biscuits, preparing bags, I was utterly amazed how Evan would only use one arm or one hand on the task at hand (no pun intended). I had to keep reminding him to use both hands and both arms.  I explained over and over that the job would be easier if he used both hands together. For instance, when he needs to turn the end over on a bag and smooth the fold so we can place a label; he will only use one hand! When he writes the “best by” date on the bag, I have to remind him to steady the bag with his other hand as he writes.  What does Evan do, he uses his “other elbow” rather than his “other hand” – okay I admit - it works! Message received. Most of the time, I just need to use both ears and both eyes and keep both lips closed and watch Evan work it out himself; he usually does. It is wonderful to see! If he can’t, he is not afraid to ask for help. Our other teamwork side is making great strides! When Evan is one step ahead of me and does not have to be told what to do next - I love that! When he tells me to leave, because he can do it – I do not take offense - it makes my day! For a while now he has been master of the digital scale and official “weigher” of the biscuits. This involves taking three baking sheets full of biscuits out of the oven one by one. (Meanwhile Babs and Sydney, lying in the dining room, are using both sets of their eyes. They are locked on Evan and the biscuits; eager to clean up if the baking sheet of nickyBONES hits the floor. What am I doing - I am holding my breath with lips closed!) He places each sheet on the counter 1-2-3sheets…success! (Not this time Babs and Sydney!) He then sets up the scale; places the bowl on top of the scale, presses the tare button to zero out the weight of the bowl and finally fills the bowl with the entire batch of biscuits.  After he records the total weight, he then switches bowls, repeats some steps and now weighs them in 6-ounce packages. With Evan accomplishing this on his own, it allows me time to get the bags ready to fill.  This is what we’re looking for!


It makes our job so much easier!