Everybody loves a story! At nickyBONES we love a picture too!  What’s the saying “Every picture tells a story”! We are having fun with ThedogHOUSE that we added to the website this past summer! It is a photo gallery of our pride and joy. Our dogs! We just love putting them in ThedogHOUSE for everyone to see! Every photo of your dog(s) tells a story! You can see that Izzy and Graham are best buds as well as Ed ad Stella, Shortie and Powder and Thornton and Darcy! Riley Little likes to rearrange planters and Lucy Lou loves to take raft rides! Gracie’s expression tells us that she is ready for the next adventure, Will and Layla will run all day with each other and Marley will chase a kong in the water all day! So keep sending awesome photos of your dog(s) and we will keeping putting them in ThedogHOUSE! If you have stories to tell about your dog(s) and you would love to share them with us we can add them to the website under the section “dustingFLOUR - A Blog About Rolling Dough and Life!” Don’t be shy we would love to read them!  This week a two pound bag of the mini’s we donated will be on their way to Nicaragua with FriendsNE as a treat for the dogs in the village of Chacrasecra! You will see their photos in ThedogHOUSE soon! As Evan says “lets get busy” and keep sending photos!