Nutrition Explained 

We poured through numerous websites and articles pertaining to nutrition, both human related and animal (specifically dog) related.  Nutritional demands for both humans and dogs are the same.  Both dogs and humans require carbohydrates, fat, minerals, protein, vitamins and water to sustain our bodies.  However, the amount of protein a dog consumes is extremely important and high on their nutritional list.  In fact when needed dogs can change protein into energy - humans can not!  

The following website we think does a good job explaining the essentials of canine nutrition.  For further study we have included additional websites on both canine and human nutrition that we found informative and easy to navigate.  They can be found by scrolling down.

Essential of Canine Nutrition

Why make the effort with all this nutritional information for just a dog biscuit!  We believe you need to Treat Responsibly too!  When you reward your dog we believe it should be healthy with good sound nutritional ingredients.  And nickyBONES should be given not all the time, but when your "just hanging out" together or you have captured a special moment!

Additional Informative Websites 

Nutrition and Feeding Dogs

-lots of subjects covered.

Building blocks of canine fitness

-good  basic information.

-kept returning to this site because of its wealth of information.  Use the search box to full utilize this website.,nutrition/everyone/basics/index.html

-like it states - the basics - but in a simple straight-forward explanation.

-clever site!  Use the search box to type a "topic" that interests you, i.e. "kelp".  Extensive to say the least!  Easy Easy Easy.

-lots of information.  By using the sitemap - answers are at your fingertips.

-click on a topic or use the search box.

-a site set up for high school curriculum.  Good information and easy site to navigate.

 -informative and easy to use.