Organic, Gluten Free and the Contains Statement


We wrestled with using "organic" ingredients or "all natural" ingredients.  But only because of the cost of organic or what we thought would be the perceived cost.  And we really did not know what "all natural" meant!  In the long run we decided it was not that much more, monetarily speaking, to go with a product that you can be sure about.  In order to produce an organic product it has to be certified.  To label a product "all natural" there is no certainty as to what that means.  Because there is no real definition as to what "All Natural" means.  On the other hand, to be labeled organic it has to meet certain criteria.  "Organic, as many of you know, is a food certification system.  An organic label on food indicates that the producer has passed a regular inspection of its facilities, ingredients, and practices. The producer pays a fee for the certification, keeps thorough records, and can use the label by following clear guidelines.  The organic label is now overseen by the United States Department of Agriculture; if you like you can visit its website and see the details in their complete glory. Animals, soil, and plants must be treated in certain ways; food can only be processed with certain methods; only allowed ingredients can be added."1  After the research was completed we decided organic was the way to go for the consumer - our dogs!  Secondly, we had to decide how our label was to read.    We thought organic meant organic.  But that is not true.  If the label states "Made with Organic Ingredients" this means 70-94% of the ingredients must be organic.  If the label reads "Organic" then 95-99% of the product (by weight) must be organic.  To state "100% Organic"  then all of the ingredients must be organic!  This was the right and only logical way to go for nickyBONES!  


1.  Grist Magazine On Organic Vs. Natural Foods

Gluten Free

We knew going in that the products had to be Gluten Free for the simple reason that Evan has Celiac's Disease and therefore can not be in contact with gluten.  From a dogs standpoint research has shown that dogs can also have food allergies and serious digestive issues (possibly) caused by gluten.  This information combined with Evan diagnosis of Celiac's Disease made it a wise choice to bake with gluten free ingredients.

Contains Statement

The Contains Statement is found immediately after the listed ingredients and is a simple informative way of telling what other ingredients found in nickyBONES could cause an allergic reaction.  We list Eggs and Peanut Butter as allergens.