Product Line and Packaging

At this time we offer one flavor:

Pumpkin & Peanut Butter 100% Organic and Gluten Free.

It comes in three sizes:

1-inch bone for the very small, small and medium size dogs

2-inch bone for the small and medium size dogs

3 ¼-inch bones for large dogs

They are weighed at 6 ounces and packaged in natural unbleached food safe Kraft coffee bags with a see through front window and a tin-tie foldable top. Once the tin-tie is removed from the bag it is 100% biodegradable!  Prior to the biscuits being placed in the bag, one sheet of biodegradable food safe tissue is paced on the bottom of the bag to prop up the biscuits for better viewing (we could not use a smaller bag due to labeling constraints), but also to cushion the biscuits once on the shelves for added protection.  They are sold by weight and not by the number of biscuits.  We roll out the dough by hand; so each “roll out” so to speak, can be different in thickness.  Therefore each bag can have a small discrepancy in the number of packaged biscuits.  At this point in time the best by date reads 8 months out from the baking date.  We monitor our biscuits and expect that date to progress to an even longer shelf life.  We hope your dogs enjoy nickyBONES.  Please Contact Us if you have any suggestions or comments!